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Why Choose IJERSS ?

What makes IJERSS different than others?

  1. 1. IJERSS provides hard copy of Certificates to all of our Authors after publication.

  2. 2. IJERSS is globally accepted Journal. For more editorial detail, Please go to our Editorial board Menu in our web

  3. 3. IJERSS's  published papers are indexed in various worldwide libraries.

  4. 4. IJERSS accepts only and only high qualities paper.

  5. 5. IJERSS is non profit non loss organization. IJERSS is a group of scientist, Research persons of more than 20 Countries, not any publication firm for their mandatory benefits.

  6. 6. Review process takes only 4-6 days because of IJERSS strong peer review team.

  7. 7. IJERSS Publishes only and only quality papers.