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Agree to Terms and Conditions

  1. Paper cannot be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted.
  2. Authors have to wait for review status of his/her paper. It may be reviewed within 03/04 days from the date of submission.
  3. Author's are asked not to send Manuscript to multiple Journals at a time, it is asked to wait until the review result.
  4. Accepted paper cannot send by the author for any other journals/ conferences/media that are not associated with IJERSS. If it is found then IJERSS may make claim against the concerned person.
  5. Authors have to send all supported documents within given time. Given time may be extended (Max. 02/03 days) after the permission of Editor In Chief.
  6. Publication fee is fixed which is decided by ''Board of Directors' of IJERSS. There is no any waive except Editor in Chief/ Vice Editor In Chief. There are common norms for all authors.